Anniversary 2000
On December 17th the family got together to celebrate a couple of anniversaries. One was for my sister Phyllis and her husband Ken, and the other was my wife Debbie and me. We all met at 'Pal Joeys' in West Chicago for the gala event. A couple of family members couldn't make it, and while we sincerely missed them, it appeared all who were able to attend had a good time.
The major purpose of the gathering was for Phyllis and Ken to celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss. They did so in great style, and in the process were fortunate enough to be the proud recipients of an old family heirloom, pictured here. This gift must have a special meaning to them, as I saw tears well up in their eyes as they unwrapped it and realized what it was. I'm guessing it will stay in their family for quite a long time
Debbie and I celebrated our 17th year, and we'll keep trying to catch Phyllis and Ken. I know I had a wonderful time and look forward to getting together again. The only problem was we had too many people trying to pay the bill! The economy must be better than anyone thought.
Here's more pictures, just click on them to enlarge.

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