Graduation Day
On Feb 20th, 2001, we had the pleasure of attending our son Erik's graduation from the Chicago Police Academy. Being a policeman has been his dream for quite some time, and he thought if he was to reach that goal he wanted to be with the best. He's now made it, and we want everyone to know how proud we are of him. Here he is with but a few of the other graduates. We wish them all a long and safe career.
Another thing that made the day special for us was finding out Erik would receive a special award presented to 1 cadet from each of the 4 graduating classes. It was given to the person voted the one you would like to be partnered with. Erik received the most votes, and it meant a lot to him because it came from his peers, not the school or an instructor. Here he is receiving that award.
Here's more pictures, just click on them to enlarge.

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