It started here

Josip Cop b.3/8/1958 d.6/18/1942
Josipa Gasparac b.3/10/1863 d.8/7/1936
Anton (Tony) b.5/2/1884 d.6/?/1943
Margaret Mihelich ??
Filip (Philip) b.5/1/1886 d.3/30/1958
Boza Burcar b.12/24/1892 d.6/?/1974
Ferdo (Fred) b.5/21/1888 d. ?/?/1947
Valerie ??
Justina b.6/20/1890 d.5/1/1975
George Paynich b.4/20/1880 d.11/28/1957
Alojzija (Louisa) b.4/1/1895 d.?/?/1932
John Paynich b.??/1884 d.??/1960
Marija b.7/28/1896
Vukonic ???
Jelica b.3/15/1903
Josip Mihelcic b.3/15/1896
Viktor b.6/27/1904
Ivka Cop ???
This is a start. I pretty much hunt and peck so this may
be a long drawn out process. Maybe I'll invest in a tree
maker and go from there. In any event, I hope to have
a good start before I die, which hopefully won't be soon
(my opinion). I don't think it will ever be finished, but
will live on till eternity.

I know there's not much to look at yet, but if you think you can add anything, please let me know. If you see your name and want to add more info or a picture, send it to me at
the e-mail address shown on the first page.

If anyone has a page they would like to see a link to from this location, let me know. Decisions of the Webmaster are final.


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